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Sci-Fi Novel The Man Who Used the Universe


The Man Who Used the Universe,

by Alan Dean Foster:  

Young criminal Loo-Macklin feels no qualms about his first kill in science fiction novel THE MAN WHO USED THE UNIVERSE. Childhood abandonment issues and fear of domination drive Loo-Macklin to amass enough power to emerge into United Technologic Worlds’ legal business arena. But when he expands his interests into alien Nuel worlds, he meets his nemesis in tentacled xenopsychologist Chaheel, the only sentient being who doubts Loo-Macklin’s heroism when the human saves both races from alien attackers. Is Loo-Macklin truly a savior or merely a fraud? Chaheel vows to find out or die trying—just as Loo-Macklin has planned.

[99 words]

NOTE: The above is a sample pitch, categorized by type of fiction, that I wrote for instructional purposes only. This “pitch” was written after the book was published and was never used by the author or anyone else to actually pitch a book.

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