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Spy Novel The Mission Song

The Mission Song, by John Le Carré:  

Call me Salvo. Born of an Irish father and Congolese mother, my heart belongs to Britain but my soul to the Congo. It is, then, with great hope that I, London-based interpreter of African languages, accept HMG’s challenge to join a secret mission to broker peace in my native land in spy novel THE MISSION SONG. But puffed-up pride and youthful zeal ill prepare me for the treachery I discover among my employers. My honor has been assaulted; my integrity, threatened; my trust, violated. I am half white. I am half black. I’m a zebra with hyenas at my heels.

[100 words]

NOTE: The above is a sample pitch, categorized by type of fiction, that I wrote for instructional purposes only. This “pitch” was written after the book was published and was never used by the author or anyone else to actually pitch a book.

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