Literary License

Literary License

  • All At Sea

    All At Sea

    We fiction writers love to write. That’s why we do it. (And I bet you thought it was for the money!) But sometimes, after finishing […]Read More »
  • A Promise Made

    A Promise Made

    A promise “to love and cherish” is one often made at weddings as the bride and groom gaze lovingly into each other’s eyes, no doubt […]Read More »
  • Sailing in Foreign Waters

    Sailing in Foreign Waters

    Years ago I wrote a novel about an Australian. I’d never been to Australia and had hardly even met anyone from that antipodean nation, but […]Read More »
  • Enhance Your Story with Setting

    Enhance Your Story with Setting

    When composing your story, don’t neglect the setting. Is it warm or cold? Spring or fall? Dawn or midnight? Does your story take place in […]Read More »
  • Fear Not Your Shadow

    Fear Not Your Shadow

    I have a new motto: Read endlessly… Write fearlessly… Edit ferociously. But don’t let that word ferociously scare you. Instead, charge fearlessly ahead as you […]Read More »