Comic Mystery Bad Monkey

BAD MONKEY, by Carl Hiaasen:   

In comic mystery BAD MONKEY, a severed arm reeled in from the waters off Key West offers former Deputy Sheriff Andrew Yancy a chance for redemption. Currently demoted to county health inspector following his unseemly attack on a prominent citizen, Yancy needs to solve a high-profile mystery, and this one involves murder. His surreptitious investigation lands him in the arms of Rosa Campesino, a medical examiner in Miami, and the two follow clues to a remote Bahamian isle where soon they find themselves at the mercy of the killer, an island witch, and—thank goodness—a very bad monkey.

[99 words]

NOTE: The above is a sample pitch, categorized by type of fiction, that I wrote for instructional purposes only. This “pitch” was written after the book was published and was never used by the author or anyone else to actually pitch a book.

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