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Action Thriller Killing Floor

Killing Floor, by Lee Child:  

Have toothbrush will travel. In this first action thriller of a series, KILLING FLOOR introduces thirty-something retired army major Jack Reacher, a former homicide investigator, as an unassuming but rightfully intimidating vagabond with little tolerance for injustice. Upon his arrest for murder in a small southern town, Reacher discovers that the victim was his only brother, a U.S. Treasury agent. With the aid of an attractive and compassionate policewoman, Reacher follows in his brother’s footsteps to the killing floor where he risks it all to avenge his brother’s death and save the woman he now loves.

[96 words]

NOTE: The above is a sample pitch, categorized by type of fiction, that I wrote for instructional purposes only. This “pitch” was written after the book was published and was never used by the author or anyone else to actually pitch a book.

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